The environmentally conscious approach the company applies to clients’ sites is just one aspect of CBRE’s commitment to CSR. That same commitment is also evident in each of the company's structures, its skills development programmes and community initiatives. 

In fact, CBRE businesses in France are not formally subject to the corporate duty of transparency as regards employment and environmental matters (Grenelle II – art. 225). However, such issues are at the forefront of the Group's agenda. 

The Group publishes an annual report containing the information required by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), these being the most commonly used international guidelines for assessing a company’s economic, environmental and social performance.

CBRE's responsibility with respect to sustainability goes beyond what it can implement internally. The company's greatest contribution lies in the advice and services it provides, as this is what allows CBRE clients to ensure responsible management in the construction, renovation, design & build and operation of their property portfolios. Our world is changing. What happens at CBRE matters. The following video highlights the commitments the Group has made to sustainability

CBRE's annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) report highlights the company's progress and new objectives in this area

The report is drafted in compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, and includes the company's progress towards implementing the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

CBRE has been producing these annual reports since 2007. To see reports from previous years, please click here.


By influencing the way buildings are built, renovated, managed, occupied and sold, CBRE is in a position to minimise the environmental impact of the property sector. This is a big commitment – but also a great opportunity.

People & culture

At CBRE, human beings are the top concern. The company prides itself on offering employees good working conditions and encouraging their career development.

Communities & giving

As a responsible company, CBRE gets involved in community initiatives designed to assist the most vulnerable in our society.


CBRE is committed to promoting sustainable business practices along the entire property sector supply chain.

Ethics and compliance

Ethics and compliance concepts are fundamental to the Group's business, and it regularly monitors employee performance in respect of these.