The Research department specialises in property market analyses, providing, for all asset types, a wholly independent perspective on trends in French real estate markets. With 37 offices throughout France, CBRE’s analyses also cover the main regional markets. 

This strong team of 12 economists, urban planners, statisticians, geomatics experts, etc. was voted best research department in France five times running by the readers of Euromoney Magazine. It works closely with international research teams in 70 countries around the world, giving CBRE an unparalleled in-depth view of international real estate markets and trends. 

Together with a round-up of the current real estate situation, these analyses and surveys are available to all the group's clients and partners via the Global Research Gateway.

Rich and comprehensive data for France

CBRE was one of the founding members of ImmoStat (the economic interest group for the French commercial real estate sector) back in 2001, and maintains first rate and virtually exhaustive proprietary databases. These include transactions, property stock and pipeline, rents and investments. External sources, selected for their relevance, are also used – planning permits, for example, or market watches or specialist subscribed services. This wealth of data can be used to prepare data series (dating back 10 to 40 years, depending on the data) and reference lists at town level or even district level.

CBRE also has at its disposal high-performance tools including a GIS package from ArcGIS – for geolocation, commuter and access times or thematic maps – or an interface developed with Asterop to evaluate an area's retail potential.

Global real estate data – ERIX

ERIX is a CBRE Global Research proprietary application that provides aggregated indicators, which are updated on a quarterly basis for over 200 cities around the world. Users can export city-level or even sub-market data to Excel and carry out comparisons.

A subscription to ERIX provides access to consolidated data with a market coverage enhanced by CBRE's global network. The subscription can also be used to get in touch with local contacts or to view comparable historic cross-market data.

One-off studies

The varied and complementary nature of the CBRE Group's business lines in France and globally gives it a 360° perspective on real estate issues. The Research department can access the Group’s full spectrum of skills when refining its analyses and recommendations, and most particularly when clients have special issues to address. A variety of bespoke research methods and approaches can be deployed, to deliver accurate analysis and actionable recommendations.  

Econometric models

CBRE leverages its expertise in econometric and real estate forecasting to draw up projections for various market indicators such as rents, rates of return, market resale values and vacancy rates. This enables the company to provide forecasts for the main global markets for offices, retail and logistics, including central Paris and La Défense, Lyon and others worldwide.

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