What is the Global Research Gateway?

The Global Research Gateway is the public 'window' into CBRE Research, providing a single point of access for presenting research resources, outputs, tools and regional research websites across the globe. It also enables our users to search for, and retrieve, our publicly available research reports, and other outputs, via a powerful search interface.

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Pop Up Blocking 

The most common cause for our market reports not opening is that your local web browser has a 'pop up blocker' enabled.  This is a standard feature which prevents unwanted pop-up windows opening.  As our pdf reports do open in a new window, we recommend that you check your local browser's settings.  


If you have successfully registered for a CBRE Gateway account, but are being prompted to login each time you click upon one of our reports this is because your browser has been set not to store cookies. (The purpose of cookies is to remember who you are: to prevent you from having to 'log-in' each time to your account. The cookie does not store any other personal information, outside of your login details). We recommend that you check your local browser’s settings. 

For further help, please contact [email protected]. One of our professionals will work with you to resolve any issues.

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