When companies are searching for new premises, the growing challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, combined with the quest to optimise performance (productivity and fostering creativity), is increasingly becoming a consideration. 

However, fit out is not the only factor affecting employee wellness. A building's intrinsic characteristics are fundamental in many respects: 

  • Design of common areas to promote physical exercise, foster collaboration and improve wellness 
  • Workplace design with special attention to views, acoustics, natural light and the presence of nature 
  • Technical systems carefully designed and selected to improve the quality of air, water and light 
  • Verification of compliance with the WELL® standard, the aim being to introduce best practices and, if desired, achieve certification

As pioneers in this field – CBRE Los Angeles offices were awarded the world's first-ever WELL® certification in 2013 – CBRE's experts apply a holistic approach, so clients get the benefit of project feedback and innovations in this field.

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