Faced with the growing challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, combined with the quest to optimise performance (productivity and fostering creativity), an increasing number of companies are focusing on employee wellness and how their work environment can contribute to it.

There are many factors that contribute to employee wellness. Building characteristics, including light, water, air and acoustics, all play their part. Behaviour is an important component too, as stress can be reduced by encouraging physical exercise, a healthy, balanced diet and time out for relaxation.

As pioneers in this field – CBRE Los Angeles offices were awarded the world's first-ever WELL® certification in 2013 – CBRE's experts help companies implement wellness at work initiatives involving all stakeholders. CBRE advises companies that plan to move on:

  • the intrinsic quality of the building and potential solutions to optimise them
  • services and amenities to improve staff wellness
  • design & build to foster wellness
  • drafting proposals for developing working practices and HR policies to reduce stress in the workplace, thereby making it a healthier environment
  • full tracking of all activities covered by the WELL® standard, the aim being to introduce best practices and, if desired, achieve certification

Every business is unique and all CBRE clients get the benefit of project feedback from all over the world – which is then channelled into a bespoke approach designed to match their organisation and culture to perfection.

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